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About Us


*Office Name*

Wakamatsu Immigration and Labor Consulting Office
Wakamatsu gyoseishoshi・sharoushi jimusho *Japanese


*Office Director*






 1-37-2-208, Nakadai, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0064, Japan



Tel: 81-3-3931-7236 (03-3931-7236)  
 ・ e-mail:
 ・ Skype ID: wakamatsu.eri
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*Brief Profile*

Born and raised until the age of 18 in Nagasaki City.  Performed HR  functions in multinational

companies including Sony EMCS, Givaudan Roure Japan (Swiss), ST Microelectronics Japan (French)

and General Electric Japan (US).  Established my Consulting office in 2005. Currently primarily

providing support to international companies that employ highly skilled foreign workers.



*Service  Area*

Tokyo, Saitama and Kanagawa.  Visa and Work Rule consultation services are also available

outside of the Tokyo area.


*Business Partner*
【 Translation & Interpreting 】
・ Mari Hodges Translation & Interpreting Service

【 Accounting 】
・ Kojima Tax & Accounting Office




*Business Hours*
Monday to Friday  9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Our Services

 1. Residence and work visa processing
   Consultation and processing services for business visas, investor/business manager visas and permanent


 2. Company establishment assistance

   Consultation and assistance in setting up a business in Japan (Japan representative office/CHUZAIIN

   JIMUSHO, Japan branch/NIHONSHITEN, Japan office/KK, GK) including business permit acquisition.


 3. Creation and revision of employment contracts, Rules of Employment and other mandated labor

   contracts and regulations.  

   See samples created by us. 

   • Employment Contract
   • Rules of Employment
   • Employee Salary Regulations
   • Regulations for Child care and Family Care Leave

 4. Labor insurance and social insurance consultation and processing - English and Japanese 

 5. Payroll Administration

 6. Labor Consultation

 7. Creation and revision of operating agreements, company articles of incorporation (teikan/定款),

   confidentiality agreements and other documents