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What is an Administrative lawyer(Gyoseishoshi)?

Licensed by Immigration Bureau and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) ("somusho")

Administrative lawyers are specialists certified by the MIC to provide advice and legal services to people with regard to their rights and obligations. There are many legal services they offer, and the specialized fields are broad-ranging. Therefore, individual administrative lawyers have quite different specialties. For instance, some are immigration professionals, on Immigration but others work with permissions concerning construction operations. Regarding immigration lawyers, they are administrative lawyers registered with the Immigration Bureau as immigration lawyers. (Not every administrative lawyer is registered.)
We are registered immigration lawyers. As such, we specialize in immigration control procedures, and can apply to the Immigration Office as an agent for certificates of eligibility, changes of status of residence, extension of a period of stay, permits for permanent residency, and re-entry permissions etc. Basically, foreign applicants and companies sponsoring them will not need to go to the Immigration Office. Immigration lawyers can go and submit your application on your behalf. We can give you all the advice you will require on your visa application, when preparing documents needed to get prompt permission.
Lastly, we also provide incorporation services (the creation of a representativeoffice, Japan branch, and corporation such as KK and GK) with the associated
advice required after establishment, including visa application, social insurance, payroll administration and human resource management.

What is a Labor and Social Security Attorney(Sharo-shi)?

Licensed by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare ("kosei rodosho")
Labor and social security attorneys are called “sharoshi”, which is an abbreviation of “shakai hoken roumushi”. These attorneys are experts with nationally recognized qualifications in labor laws, social insurance, pensions and human resource management. As licensed labor and social security attorneys, we offer a range of services as follows.

・Prepare labor insurance (Worker’s Accident Compensation Insurance and Employment Insurance) and social insurance (Employees’ Health Insurance, Nursing-care insurance and Employees’ Pension Insurance) enrollments and other applications on behalf of the clients (Worker’s Accident Compensation Insurance and Employment Insurance; Employees’ Health Insurance, Nursing-care insurance and Employees’ Pension Insurance).

By law, this service is permitted to be provided exclusively by practicing labor and social security attorneys, labor and social security legal partnerships, and attorneys ("bengoshi").

・Payroll accounting
Including distribution of salaries, record-keeping and the reporting of standard compensation to the National Pension Office.

・Consultation, creation, revision and translation of employment contracts, work rules, wage regulations, safety and health regulations and other mandated labor agreements and regulations.

・Carrying out labor and social insurance-related paperwork and procedures on behalf of client companies when hiring of staff and when staff resign.

・Consulting for settling employment-related problems.